New Haven, WV – Recovery of Ferro Silico Manganese metal, aggregate and sand

Rockwood, TN – Recovery of Ferro Silico manganese, High Carbon Ferro manganese, Low Carbon Ferro Chrome along with scrap metal, aggregate and sand.

Sibinek, Croatia – Recovery of Ferro Silico Manganese along with aggregate and sand.

El Nuihil, Argentina – Recovery of Ferro Silico Manganese and High Carbon Ferro Manganese along with aggregate and sand.

FelmanWe are working on additional projects in:
1. United States of America 2. Canada 3. Brazil 4. Argentina
5. Chile/Bolivia 6. Albania 7. Macedonia 8. Kosovo

We have a 100,000 sq ft fabricating shop in Glassport, PA along with our offices and pilot facility.

We have a cooperative fabricating development plants in Owensboro, KY and Pittsburgh, PA.

We own a 50% shareholding in an analytical laboratory in the Pittsburgh area, enabling a critical information aspect of our business.

Our Marketing Partner, Alloys & Coke Co. Inc of Birmingham, AL handles all sales of ferroalloys recovered and have been marketing in the steel and foundry industry for over 30 years.

Our GreenMelt process produces lumpy ferroalloy, GreenSteelPig, and GreenSteelIron.

Our combined annual turnover is in excess of  $65 MM USD.

Our "TMR" (Total Metallic Recovery) process keys on the most cost efficient and safest means to recover valuable metals and producing beneficial reuse products-aimed at 100% of processed material going to market, and leaving behind an unrestricted deed on land formerly unusable.